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The most unlikely time a consumer will purchase a product, is right after they just purchased said product. However, that’s exactly when marketers are targeting consumers across the digital advertising landscape, with REtargeting online ad campaigns. Most marketers would agree that you want the opposite of retargeting. That is precisely what PREtargeting is: hitting potential consumers with ads BEFORE they turn into a conversion. Hit consumers right where you want them, with IP pretargeting digital ad campaigns.

For example, you may have data on potential customers who may have bought other products from you before, or filled out a form on your site in the past. With this simple data – just names and addresses, El Toro can target these potential customers in their homes, on all of their devices. No one else in the world can do that with the layers of precision that El Toro can. Get ahead of your customers' needs with pretargeting.

Why not regular, cookie-based advertising online? Cookie based digital advertising sends ads to consumers based on their demographic profile, made up of information from former websites visited, web searches, and pages clicked. That means your business' marketing dollars are going to consumers that might fit your target market. With pretargeting, you know where your ads are going, and who is going to see them. Contact El Toro about running a pretargeting digital ad campaign.